domingo, 7 de março de 2010

I'm Blythe! Nice to meet you!

As the title already says, the ladies are adding Blythes to Tim Burton's wonderland, in a very sweet way! It's all Sugar Art!

For now, let's talk about Blythes a little bit.

The first Blythes we're created by an American designer called Allison Katzman, in the early 70s, but they didn't really pick up and we're only around for a year. In the late 90s, however, producer Gina Garan used a Blythe she had received as a gift as to test her photographic abilities. After many very cool shots we're taken, she joined forced with Junko Wong and they released the book "This is Blythe"

Blythes remained a collector's item until the year 2000 when they we're chosen to model a Japanese campaign for a department store, which shot them into success. In 2001 the Neo Blythes we're born and they are pretty snazzy!

They even modeled for Alexander Mcqueen's Target collection in 2009!

Since then there has been a lot more Blythe related coolness, be sure to checkout the website.

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